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Owner and Head Coach Nick Chapman

1574 Cornerstone Drive 
   St Charles, MO 63304

Customer Testimonials

This award was special considering it was during the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Blake went above and beyond helping other athletes with workouts, judging, and staying after to help clean up the gym.
About 3 months before the Open begun Blake approached Head Coach Nick about some help with his nutrition. He immediately started a strict meal plan and ate the exact same meals for over 10 weeks with out a cheat meal.
Since then Blake has lost over 60lbs and he still is asking questions about how to improve his health and fitness. Congrats again buddy! Keep it up.

"Well first I want to say, I am so excited that my hard work is paying off. It's always nice to have some positive reinforcement.
I’ve always been pretty athletic and in decent shape, but I was introduced to Crossfit when I was in the St. Louis County Fire Academy. I started at a friends home gym for about a year until I moved to St. Charles. I had dropped in at Premium Crossfit with my Brother and SIL, Bobby and Lauren, a few times and knew that it was the gym I wanted to be a part of.
I have been working out and trying to maintain a level of fitness not only for my self, but for the Men and Women I serve with and serve for everyday as a Firefighter/Paramedic. However it wasn't until the beginning of this April that I finally buckled down and committed to better nutrition as well as the continued fitness. I started seeing some significant losses in inches and fat, and major gains at the gym. I've lost 10lbs while increasing my deadlift and other strengths by at least 10lbs each. I love How I feel, and I'm digging how I look. It’s nice to witness the changes and know it's working. But mostly I love the friends and support I've gained at Premium!! I love it!!!!"

“I started CrossFit almost 3 years ago after I moved home from college. When I started CrossFit I didn't fully grasp the idea that in order to lose weight I couldn't just workout and go home and eat whatever I wanted. After starting at Premium CrossFit I worked closely with Coach Nick who helped me focus in on my dietary knowledge. Not only have I seen progress in my weight and body fat percentage, I've also seen an increase in my endurance and agility during WODs. I love CrossFit and I can't wait to see where I'll be in a year from now.”

"I have been a member of Premium CrossFit for a little over a year and it has been the best year of my fitness journey by far. Before I joined Premium I would work out at your basic globo gyms and that worked really well at the beginning mostly because I was so big and so inactive that any sort of activity was going to change my body drastically. Eventually though through injuries derived from poor form and too much ego as well as boredom from trying to invent my own workouts I started to put back on some of the 75lbs I had already lost. That’s when I decided it was time to listen to my friend and give CrossFit a try. After my first workout with Coach Nick I and knew that it was the thing to get me back to where I was. All the coaches and athletes at Premium have been a huge part of my success. From supporting, challenging and motivating me every single person at the gym has had a positive impact at some point whether they know it or not. Because of Premium CrossFit I move better, feel better, eat better, sleep better, focus better and perform better in my sport as well as just life in general."

"I have been a member of Premium Crossfit for three years now and it has been quite the journey. A journey of building friendships, improving my physical and mental health and having lots of fun! I owe a lot of my success to my fellow athletes and coaches. I love how everyone at Premium encourages everyone to push themselves even when we doubt ourselves. I hope one day soon I can get my daughters involved in the positive atmosphere at Premium. I feel confident that it will teach them important life skills as well as help them learn what they are capable of. I want them to witness how the athletes at Premium are all different in their own way but are capable of working as a team and becoming stronger together  despite of what challenges get in our way. I look forward to continuing my training at Premium and reaching goals that once seemed far away."

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